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Finding ways to better integrate brands and multi channels is an opportunity for retailers to create efficiencies for the business and, consequently, improve profitability. 

As described in the previous post (Gap integrating all its brands under a single web site), the successful integration of brands and channels can not only improve efficiencies but also increase revenues – e.g. through cross selling opportunities or leverage of physical stores as a support to web sales.

According to a recent study developed by RSR research, retailers face many challenges to go forward and integrate their businesses and channels:

1 – Real time inventory and customer updates

2 – Consistent cross brand content and product information management

3 – Central order management systems & processes

Many retailers in the research pointed out that technology constraints and inflexible legacy systems are major barriers to capture those opportunities. 

Those that overcome such challenges not only capture the benefits mentioned above but also jump ahead of the competition in developing the appropriate capabilities to keep evolving and succeeding.


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